Polishing & Finishing

Polishing is a metal finishing process used to improve the surface quality of the material. The process involves removing imperfections, such as scratches and burrs, and producing a smooth, uniform surface.

There are several methods of polishing, including mechanical polishing, electro-polishing, and abrasive blasting. The method used will depend on the desired finish and the material being polished.

The polishing process can improve the surface finish, increase the corrosion resistance of the material, and enhance the appearance of the final product. It is widely used in industries such as automotive, architectural, cryogenic, aerospace, and medical device manufacturing.

Polishing is a key service that we offer, including;

  • Internal and External Tube polishing (also known as OD/ID polishing)

  • Hand Polishing (often used on intricate designs)

  • Flat Sheet and Plate polishing

  • Box Section Polishing

  • Ornamental Mirror polishing

And so much more!