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Nuclear Power

While we would never claim to be experts in our clients' industies we do take the trouble to understand the issues they face. So we would not attempt to discuss Hydrogen Embrittlement with you we do understand the problems it poses, the risks it entails and the importance of ensuring that the materials you utilise comply with appropriate standards.

We also hold all the appropriate approvals for supplying your industry. One of the problems of the steel industry are the apparently marginal varioations in different manufacturer's specifications. In most of our markets these variations are unimportant but we know that in this industry we must select suppliers that precisely match the specification.


Whether you are a petrochemical company yourselves or supplying and supporting the industry we can supply you. The petrochemical industry poses problems particularly for those supporting it. The range of challenges and applications is vast and the possible range of solutions is even greater.

We can help you with the selection and sourcing of the appropriate steels and alloys, we can supply them in the widest range of forms and we have an extensive range of fittings and flanges. And if we do not have them we know where to find them - Fast!

PharmaThe Pharmaceutical industry poses another set of challenges. Due to the nature of the industry it is often the case that those designing plant for it often lack knowledge of the steel industry and the range of possible solutions particularly given the speed with which the steel industry is developing.

We want you to regard us as your consultants when it comes to developing the right solutions. We aim to keep our advice simple, comprehensible and cost effective.

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Vacuum Chambe rWindowFor 20 Years Intamet have been a continued preferred supplier to the Vacuum Industry due to the quality and expertise that we offer.

We understand the importance of supplying premium quality material which is thoroughly checked after each process - this includes batch selecting appropriate material for the industry, to guarantee the best possible finish on the outside and the inside.

Intamet are one of the only companies to physically hold stock of Polished OD and ID tubes ready for immediate dispatch. These include many sizes which are special and not available anywhere else.

Other forms available for supply to Vacuum: Tubes, Pipes, Solid Bar, Hollow Bar, Cut Discs/Plates, Square Bar, Hollow Section, Fittings.

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